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...formerly known as Senti-Metal "From Lackluster to Luminous!"  
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Our Restoration Process


Identification and Assignment

One of our experienced "write-up" associates will identify your piece(s) and prepare a work order, noting all the work that needs to be done.  If there are any questions, you will be contacted before we proceed.


Dent Removal and Straightening

A skilled craftsman in our repair department will remove all dents and straighten any areas that are uneven.  Broken parts are soldered and, where necessary, missing pieces are replaced.


Buffing and Polishing

Prior to plating, each silver piece will be buffed down to its base metal.  It is then polished carefully to remove pits, scratches and other imperfections. Only when the piece is as smooth as possible will we proceed with plating.



To ensure the best silverplating job possible, continuous inspection of your piece is critical.  Every piece is thoroughly inspected before each of the plating procedures.  This ongoing attention to detail enables us to offer our exclusive 25 Year Warranty.


Silver Replating

An expert plater electrolytically cleans your item, completely removing the buffing compound.  Your piece then undergoes several rinses and pre-plating steps.  Finally, a heavy coating of silverplate is applied using .9995+ pure silver - the finest silver available in the world.


Final Inspection

A special team of quality control professionals puts your silver through a multi-part inspection.  They make certain your piece is properly plated and sitting level.  They personally deliver your heirloom(s) to our shipping department, making sure they are promptly returned to you.