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How Production Companies Can Reduce Workplace Injuries

Business owners, especially those who have ventured in the production industry, lose significant income every year when their employees suffer from injuries while doing work. Employers are responsible for protecting

a printing plant

Picturesque Prints at High Speed

Having great prints is possible nowadays with the new printers that are out in the market now. You do not need to go to commercial printers to have spectacular prints

home mortgage concept

Documents You Need When Taking Out a Mortgage

A few years ago, taking a mortgage involved minimal steps; you would walk into a lender’s office and state your needs. However, many people have defaulted making their mortgage payments,

two people working

A Primer on Safety Equipment in the Workplace

The use of safety equipment is quite common at most workplaces around the globe. Employers are charged with the responsibility of issuing equipment of the right size, instructions on use,

Cars being made in a factory

Inside the World’s Powerful Smart Factories

The assembly line these days in a factory is no longer habitually filled with workers wearing type A clothes under potentially hazardous conditions. In fact, robots are increasingly being used

How to Build a Great Employee Incentive Program

Running effective employee incentives programs can be an effective way to drive your people towards greater heights of success. That is, if your program is truly clear and effective. To

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Choosing Your Phone Repair Shop Wisely

For the last couple of years, the percentage of smartphone users of the total mobile phone users has risen drastically to nearly 50 percent. Now consider the constant increase in

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How Much Will Returned Products Cost Retailers?

National Returns Day (NRD) in the U.S. usually occurs after Christmas, but an analysis shows that things have become more different for retailers. The increasing use of e-commerce partly influenced