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4 Types of Sheathing for Industrial Cables

There are no two electrical cables that are alike in the industrial sector. That is because the ideal cable for your application will depend on its purpose in your production

direct mail

Direct Mail Remains Relevant in This Digital Age

Contrary to popular belief, direct mail is not dead—, especially in the United Kingdom. Statistics show that businesses still invested over £1.5 billion into this form of marketing in 2014.

digital marketing strategies layout in a paper

Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Needs

Digital marketing is of utmost importance to any 21st-century business. However, it is usually not smart to have your own group of experts on staff. This notion is especially true

Bail Concept

Financing Options for Bail Bonds

Bail ensures that a defendant will return to court for the hearing of their case and negate keeping them locked for the time of their trial. The payment of bail

A meeting with a business consultant

A Guide to Selling your Business Fast

When starting a business, the aim is to grow it to a profitable enterprise by offering a solution to people’s problems. As it develops, it is possible for your entrepreneurial

office cleaning

Ways to Reduce Industrial Cleaning Costs

A clean commercial space is essential to reduced accidents and employee motivation. It also helps send the right message to your clients. If you have a large industrial area, cleaning

court case

Bailiff Basics: Different Types of Bailiffs

Do you need to reclaim money or property owed, but wish to avoid dealing with a stubborn debtor? Collecting debt or rent could be messy, and it’s understandable for one

Cream-Coloured Dental Chair

A Guide to Choosing the Best Dental Chair

If it’s high time you contacted your dental chair supplier, then you’re about to make a considerable investment into your practice. The choice of a chair isn’t as straightforward as

Compressed Air System Gauge and Tank

Designing Your Compressed Air System

Of course, using ill-suited piping in a compressed air system can increase the overall piping cost and cause unnecessary pressure drops. However, experts recommend consulting piping specialists when determining the

Lean Welding Process

Lean Welding: How it Can Optimise Your Business

Efficiency is an aim of many companies. Australian businesses are continually looking for ways to improve output and to overtake competitors, both locally and internationally. Welding firms are no exception


Covering the Basics of FD&D and P&I Insurance

Many individuals are aware of insurance on an individual level, especially in terms of the investment policies and protection benefits for themselves, their properties and their families. Insurance, however, can