Trends Investors Need to Consider When Making Real Estate Investments
Are You Prepared to Begin a Business Venture?
Redesigning Your Home’s Exterior to Raise the Property’s Value
Running a Rental Property: Tricks to Attract More Tenants
For Millennials: These Preparations Can Make a Difference Once You Start Buying Your First Home
landlord duties

What Responsibilities Does a Landlord Have?

Between 2011 and 2018, private rented properties in the United Kingdom grew from 3.6 million households to 4.5 million. This represents a sector growth of approximately 25 percent. These properties

smart home

4 High Tech Fixtures for A Smarter Home

Believe it or not, technology affects all facets of our lives including our homes. Recent technological innovations have led to the rise of smart homes. These are properties armed with

family in an apartment

What You Should Want in an Apartment

When you reach the point of your life where you have to choose your own place, it’s a sign that you have reached adulthood. You will be living with yourself

small home model

Home Basics: When to Downsize a House

Downsizing is the process of selling an old home and buying a smaller one. This process offers the homeowner a wide range of benefits. With downsizing, you can minimise the

land for sale sign

Where to Invest Your Hard-Earned Money

Many people like to live in the moment. For some of us, the ‘now’ is more important than anything. While there is nothing wrong with that, it can be an

The Do’s and Dont’s of Home Renovations

Homeownership sometimes means making compromises because of certain circumstances.   Monetary constraints are one example. Budgets act as a guide and restriction for people shopping the real estate market for a

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